Act, Sing & Dance all under the one roof!

Welcome to Stage Left Performing Arts School

Stage Left is a performing arts school with a focus on Musical Theatre. One of Melbourne's leading Performing Arts Schools Stage Left has been training and creating performance opportunities for young people since 2006.

At Stage Left your child can learn acting, singing, and dancing all at the one venue under the guidance of industry professionals who are experienced teachers and performers.

While Stage Left does cater for students with stars in their eyes we believe the skills developed through our classes are skills for life not just for the stage .The self confidence, poise and self awareness they develop will last long after the show is over. Students learn to express themselves more easily and to fully explore & develop their natural imagination & creativity.

  • More than just a dance class
  • Not just a drama class
  • At Stage Left students get the benefit of studying three different disciplines at once.

By studying three different disciplines at once students can explore all different facets of the performing arts without having to specialize at a young age. Singing, dance and drama are by nature complimentary art forms - the skills learnt in one help to inform and improve the other.

It also means no running around from school to school or class to class for the parent/taxi service!

Stage Left Performing Arts School

Develop your child’s most valuable asset:
their imagination!